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ZCC CT Digital Library


Manufacturing is moving towards the era of digital intelligence. ZCCCT has been committed to constructing digital and intelligent environment for cutting tool system. The newly digital tool library is introduced to provide a solution for digital workshops.

ZCC CT digital libraries cover turning, milling,holes making, and tool systems.

Massive tools are provided for users to set up with.

Timely location can be achieved by browsing parts classified by the tool types.

Users implement fast retrieval by the tool typeand multi-parameters, and can also customize the keywords for retrieval. All detailed parameters of the tools are described according to ISO13399 for convenient exchange.

3D models, basic models, size diagram and detailed information report of parts are available to output online.

User’s libraries can be customized bycollecting tools.

The assembly will be built after the set-upwith the tool holders and inserts at any point from the tool system after you confirm the machining method.

You can select inserts from your own parts library online, and the system automatically matches the optional tool holder bythe ISO13399 standard interface code.

The 3D model can be formed within only afew seconds by a unique acceleration technology.

Users can build its own tool assemblies library by collecting tool assemblies from which users can view tool details,download model diagrams, and output assembly details report for machining simulations and tool management.

ZCCCT digital library provides digitalmachining environment for cutting tool solutions.

The functions of ZCC CT digital tool library:

1. Users can assemble tools online by exporting3D models, engineering drawings and STEP files of the parts of the tools to builda personalized virtual tool library and realize optimized cutting tool solutionsat lower cost.

2. Users can timely get access to thespecific information of the required tool by multi-parameter retrieval functionaccording to the tool function classification.

3. Users are allowed to export parameterinformation tables and BOM tables of tool parts and assemblies to get prompt preparation.

The features of ZCC CT digital toollibrary:

Complete range: Covering the full range of turning tools, milling tools, inserts for hole making, tool holders, tool systems and so on.

Easy to use: Users canstart using the digital tool library on the official website, withoutinstalling any Apps or plug-ins.

Quick response: Theunique 3D model acceleration engine allows for downloading the complete toolassembly construction within a few seconds.

Personalized customization: Create personalized tool parts and assembly libraries forefficient tool management.

We ZCC CT will support you on the way to digital manufacturing.

ZCC CT digital library: http://dtl.zccct.com:8188/